Six Months of Service (Mason C. Winn)

Cpl. Garrett said:

PFC Winn is one of those members of the unit that hit the ground running. Ever since he has been here, he’s done his best to seize every opportunity to excel. Although AR wasn’t his first choice of AIT, I gotta say, it was probably one of the best coincidences that have ever happened in the squad. The guy is a natural - he’ll easily bend the ole stream o lead to his will, mercilessly slaughtering those that are unfortunately downrange from him. I’ve seen him use his abilities to win rounds for us with the odds heavily stacked against him, and he just brushes it off with “awe, I was ready for more of them.” PFC Winn is simply a staple member of FP1S3, and we’re here to celebrate 6 months of having him in the squad. Congrats, PFC Winn, stick around!