Six Months of Service (Peter V. Muller)

Cpl. Hapers said:

PFC Muller has been with us now for about 6 months. And you all know what that means at the end of this quote but let me just tell you something about PFC Muller first. As per tradition, when a new German was graduated freshly out of BCT, and for some bizarre reason, he was added to EP1S1, away from the other Germans in the 2nd Battalion… Now that quickly changed as 15 days after his assignment we rescued him and took him as one of our own. We learned him how to run, to shoot, to call and basically everything a PFC is supposed to be able to do. So, after roughly 4 months with us, he was awarded said promotion. He has kept up his hard work ever since and I am pretty sure the man is still eying up the perfect opportunity to choose an AIT… Anyway, thats for another story. Congratulations PFC Muller on your first AOCC, lets make it many more shall we?

First and let’s hope not last. Congratulations on the milestone, hope to see ya for many more!