Six Months Of Service (Varaz Cholanian)

Cpl. Hamilton said:

Honestly, it feels like PFC Cholanian has been around much longer than he has. It’s almost surprising that he’s just now hitting his 6 months. He has been a good boy ever since joining us, but like many, he started off quiet and not really sure what he should be doing. Through dedication and hard work, he has made massive improvements and become one of EP3S3’s “core members.” At this point he is one of our go to guys when it comes to marking targets and calling them out and he is often one of our last guys left alive. Though he hasn’t had a chance to pick up an AIT yet, Cholanian is a real team player and has been willing to fill whatever role is needed of him and he’s kind of adopted the medic kit as his designated role when it’s available. I’ve certainly been very happy with the progression I’ve seen out of PFC Cholanian these past 6 months and look forward to seeing where he ends up in 6 more. Congratulations on your 1st AoCC Cholanaian!

Congrats on 6 months!

Thank you :relaxed: