Six Months of Service (William C. Martinec)

Sgt. Bukey said:

PFC Martinec has been an awesome member of EP3S1 since the very beginning. He’s one of those guys that eventually gets comfortable enough with the squad that you start to see his personality and humor show up. EP3S1 has started to once again become a squad where everybody can have a good time win or lose, The current group of guys is really starting to gel together, and the wins are becoming more frequent. Martinec has played a role in both these things, especially since he’s begun putting in the work to become a dangerous grenadier. I’ve been leading EP3S1 long enough that I can’t even remember how many guys I’ve seen work their way up from new Private to 6 month PFC, but I can say I’ll remember Martinec and what he’s brought to the squad. Congrats, PFC. Martinec!