Six Years and Six Months of Service (Christian Runing)

SSgt. Bagge said:

What do you get when you mix Tuborg and Lego, you might get a Sgt. Runing. This connoisseur of importing weird ww2 tabletop games and dressing as a little green man is a marvel to behold. He has a long career in the 29th he started his career in a early version of Dog company way back in 2011, somehow he got lost on the way and got GD:ed. That wasn’t enough for this viking wannabe so he reenlisted and ended up in Baker. There he rose in the ranks and ended as a squad leader, in easy he languished in EP1S1 for a couple of years until he finally got his coveted Platoon Sergeant spot as my pet viking. Congrats on 6 years and 6 months of Service and your 13th Army of Occupation Medal Sgt.

Congratulations Sergeant! Thank you for your time and dedication!