Six Years and Six Months of Service (Christopher D. Ochs)

TSgt. Bruneau said:

When it comes to outstanding service there are few people that come to mind beyond that of 1Lt. Ochs. He has always been a popular guy in the unit even back in Able company he was a well-known guy in AP3. Well times don’t seem to change much because me and him find ourselves back in familiar shoes with him running the show and I being there to help him just like when me and him were SL and ASL of AP3S4. Except this time things seem to be going much better. 1Lt. is one of my oldest friends in the unit and certainly a hall of fame 29ther. I look forward to many more years with you 1Lt. Congratulations on your 13th AOCC.


Congrats 1lt.!

Oh man you’re getting closer to the decade mark! Congratulations my first Squad Leader, here’s to many more AOCCs!

Congrats 1lt.!

Long may you reign 1lt!

Congratulations on the milestone, 1Lt!