Six Years and Six Months of Service (Ross J. Chandonnet)

Cpl. Sablon said:

T/5 Chandonnet is by far one of the best players in Dog Company when it comes to skill, and is arguably one of the best users of the Light AIT. In the time I’ve known T/5 Chandon, I have seen him clutch up many rounds and carry out orders perfectly, and in doing so, he has gained an infamous reputation as being a player you don’t wanna go up against in drills. This astounding level of skill is due to the fact that T/5 Chandon has been playing this game for a very long time, with him being one of the oldest members in Dog Company, having been here at its formation and being in DP2S2 the whole time. Congratulations T/5 Chandon on your 13th AOCC, marking your Six Years and Six Months of Active Service in the 29th. I hope to see you continue on for many more!

Old Man Chandon

You’re one of the best, congrats!

Good one

Congratulations T/5 Chandonnet!

Love to see it! Congrats!

That 7 years is gonna hit like a truck xD congrats!

Congrats on the six years and six months!