Six Years of Service (Robert H. Sanzotera)

Cpl. Capwell said:

Usually when we write these big, rainbow quotes we like to focus on how much a member has grown since they joined our squad. However this is not possible with Sanzo as he was here long before DP3S1 and Dog Company and will likely be here long after RS2 servers shut down and Dog Co. moves on to another game. In short, Sanzo is eternal. Which is excellent news for the 29th! In my comparatively negligible time as his squadmate, and now his ASL, PFC Sanzotera has remained a rock for his squad to lean on. He is ever present, rarely missing a drill if it can be helped. When we were on the grind for DBotS this year and the suck was real, we could count on him to be the first one in the channel everyday, cracking jokes and keeping spirits high. On top of that, Sanzo was also the last one out of Teamspeak on a prep night. He’d sit down with me for hours after everyone left, testing angles and coming up with tactics to try in the next one. The man is every NCO’s dream and we in DP3S1 count ourselves very lucky to have inherited a squad with him in it. I suppose with the level of dedication and effort Sanzo consistently puts forward every week it’s no surprise he’s made it to this massive milestone. Congratulations on six years with the unit, your twelfth AOCC, and your TRIPLE rainbow PFC Sanzotera!