Six Years of Service (Sasha Greeves)

Cpl. Frank said:

Somehow, T/5 Greeves has been in the 29th for SIX years. She has had quite a journey, with first being in leadership then moving over to continuous, proficient combat engineering. It has been quite a blur, having someone who is always cheerful and contributes to both DP3S1 and DP3 by the briefing maps. I’m quite sure that rhythmic sound of several thumper rounds after a mark is engraved into all of DP3S1’s minds. T/5 Greeves is encouraging, whether it is the entire squad dealing with a difficult room-clearing objective, or a squadmate having a rough day. She forms that crucial part of the DP3S1 backbone, and we are all grateful to have her! Congratulations on your triple World War One Victory Medal and Twelfth AOCC!