Squad: Vietnam

I was surprised that we hadn’t made a thread for the mod yet, so here it is! Alpha testing should be starting by the end of the year.

The mod is being made to fit circa 1969.

How historically accurate?
The team has set out to make the mod as accurate to the setting and location as possible. While we may make small changes we have a real focus to keep to this promise and have brought on advisors to help us achieve this goal.

What maps and factions?
We plan on adding the US Army and the Vietcong for our first initial release. Hopefully the mod will expand to include ARVN and PAVN forces toward our second release. We are currently planning to release two realistic maps accurate to our Vietnam time setting. The first of these two maps will be based on the Mekong Delta.

We have no set release date at this time. At the beginning of this project, we naively issued release and playtesting date goals that it was quickly clear we couldn’t keep while delivering a quality product. We have since learnt from our mistakes and have chosen instead to focus on quality decimating our hopes of a released polished mod in the Autumn of 2021. It weighs heavily on many of us that we were not able to meet fans expectations and our own goals. While we won’t be giving any firm dates about the release or playtests we will see V1 in 2022. Our first release will hopefully feature the US/Vietcong with two maps. We then hope to release a V2 which should include ARVN and PAVN factions. With other maps being released before or with V2.

I like the look of this one, but another interesting-looking Squad mod for Vietnam is Burning Lands, they seem to be a bit further on in their development process. Here is there discord if y’all wanna take a look at their stuff —> Burning Lands Vietnam

Burning Lands is a standalone game and not a mod.

Ah, my mistake then, it looks very similar to Squad.