Star Citizen

Heyo guys, I figured since ive never seen anything plugged on our forums about Star Citizen id throw out the first thread for it. The guys in Charlie and some other guys from one of our allied communities at the 2MRB have formed the Org, Solaris Ventum LLC. Solaris Ventum is the group created to bridge the organizational gaps between milsim organization and corporate mentality (primarily focused to bridge the 2MRB and 29th leadership styles) to allow for all gameplay loops to be available to its members. We have 3 branches, each one has openings for leadership and crewing, while a branch can be a focus it is not required to only operate for that branch. The org is designed to allow YOU to play how you want and have a safe home in a larger fleet while not being in a massive group where you are just a number.

This is very nice.
Will join once I buy it.

Sounds great, I’ve been looking for folks to play this game with.

Just bought it earlier this year. Would love to connect and get some play time in, especially considering the most recent patch.

Let me know if you are still kicking around the Starcitizen realm…


Check the org link and send an application. Should have some things happening group wise after Invictus is over.

@Taylor fellow star citizens