Superior Unit Citations (Easy Company)

The following Easy Squads have been recognized as being the best performing in their respective Platoons. Squads were ranked on their performance in drills, attendance to drills, dependability, morale, and a number of other factors. These squads have strong leadership that helps keep them stable and professional and pushes them to be at the forefront of the unit at all times and active members that hone their skills and build a true sense of family and team effort. While we recognize that all squads work hard and perform to the high standards set for them, the mentioned squads have distinguished themselves in every respect.

The following members of the following Easy Squads are receiving the Superior Unit Citation for their efforts. These members will wear the SUC on their jacket for the next six months, at which time the top squads will be re-evaluated and the SUC will potentially shift to another squad.

Cpl. Taylor Sgt. Greene Sgt. Hamilton Cpl. Jonker
Cpl. Hapers Cpl. Perkins T/3 Grimes PFC Fletcher
T/4 Kardell PFC C. Dahl T/5 Palladino T/5 Blackburn
T/5 Abramovich PFC Marquina PFC Velarde-Verneuil PFC Cassano
T/5 Buuts PFC Jonesy PFC A. Turner PFC Ivanov
PFC Bengtsson PFC Shaffer PFC Van West Pvt. Boman
PFC Calan PFC Wilding PFC Cholanian Pvt. Ryan
Pvt. Grissom PFC Durso PFC Toro Pvt. Winter
Pvt. Buckner PFC Grenier Pvt. J. Powell Pvt. Miller
PFC MacMillan
PFC Young

Nice job laddies

Congrats, gents

Congratulations all!