Tabletop Simulator Game Night (On Sundays)

@Mdawg221 and I got to talking, and realized that we are very lonely in the Tabletop Sim world. So now we are inviting you to join us on Saturdays at 8pm EST to throw some cards or roll 'em dice! Not sure what games we are going to play yet so if you have suggestions comment below.

sounds awesome, I’d love to join. some kind of tabletop rpg could be fun

I have so many great games saved. Yes. I’ll likely be there unless I have to be domestic.


Definitely going to be there for next week. Thanks @Hwacha_self

Glad you enjoyed it! Hope we can get some more people with us. Definitely a good night. To be completely honest I had no clue how it was going to go!

We have now moved the time to be at 5:30pm EST on Sundays.

Hell yeah we have, JOIN US!

Today we played Monopoly Express which is a card game version of Monopoly where you have to get three color sets to win. Then we played Gravwell, how would you describe that game @KNIFE?

We played Monopoly DEAL. Express is another great game that simulates all the fun of Vegas with no STDs.

Gravwell was described as candyland because its a race, however it uses really unique movement mechanics to (usually) ruin both your opponents plans as well as your own.

Ohhhhh. Hope you guys join us later this week, we are always open on suggestions about what to play!

Steam Group Chat

Last night we played Red November, eloquently described by @Lee as “this is like a barotrauma no no wait it’s like FTL”.

We fought long and hard for about 2 hours, but in the end we were victorious. I even killed the Kraken. Never mind that another one showed up just after we were rescued, and then the submarine detonated from faulty missiles.

In my defense, I only described it as FTL-like. Someone else brought up the similarities to Barotrauma.

In any case, it’s a really good description for one of my most beloved board games.

Looking forward to next Sunday.

Had a smaller gathering tonight of @Deb and @Dad with myself and we played yet more Neuroshima Hex. Someday I will stop hooking people on fistfights in a phone booth.

Anyway, I won the first fight and @Dad won the last fight.

Gotta love that, hope I can join you guys again eventually!

The Knight’s arms began to ache under the strain of constant use as they continuously cleaved their way through hordes of the blights the Necromancer wrought upon the village. After countless waves of all manner of unpleasant beasties had been slain, her true foe revealed himself. The sky darkened while the only source of light emanated from the Necromancers fiery, hate filled eyes. A hideous laugh burst forth from the Necromancer’s toothy maw, “Is this all you have to stop me!?” he cackled as he threw the broken and bloody body of the Prince at the feet of the exhausted Knight.

The Knight, remembering what the Prince said to her only one night before, “no problem is insurmountable. With a little courage, teamwork and determination a person can overcome anything”.

Those words bore deep into the Knight’s heart as she defended both the crown and it’s people from this unholy abomination. With her new found strength she began to charge the monster before her. The Necromancer laughed once more and just as the Knight brought down her sword with all of her might, the abomination crossed his bony arms and blocked the strike, creating a loud KLANG! accompanied with a fearsome grin. “It’s over for you, the darkness is co-”

The victory speech was cut short by the gentle sound of a lute from the west gate, the Bard was coming with his songs to embolden the hero’s hearts!

The Necromancer, surprised at the Bard’s imprudent melody, glanced over his shoulder and began to form a dark spell to silence the impertinent fool. The Knight, however, was ready and not being one to miss an opportunity, swung her blade powerfully, and with great finesse, separated the head from the shoulders of the dark creature.


Almost 4 hours. Worth it.

@Dad and I played 3 games of Deep sea Adventures. The dice were unkind to at first me, then forever to @Dad. After the 3rd game someone was able to actually take home some points and I won with18points.