Ten Years of Service (Johnathan S. Kouters)

Cpl. Devesli said:

It’s a classical joke that every family has an uncle with great stories. Uncle who has seen a lot of things in his life and shares it with everyone. Stories that sometimes teach and sometimes makes us all laugh. If EP1S3 was a family in real life. PFC Kouters would be that uncle with the cool stories. But how does a man get this much stories ? PFC Kouters has been in almost every company and for such a long time. How much of a long time you ask ? 10 years. 10 years of experience has created the man we know and love today. Since its his 10th year congratulations PFC Kouters you have earned your 20th AOCC and 5th WW2 Victory medal. Congratulations and glad to have you with us gent !


Congrats, few can say they’ve dedicated as much time to the unit as you have!

A full decade, that’s incredible!

Well done PFC, it’s been a long ride! :smiley: congratulations.

Congrats PFC Kouters!

Well, PFC Kouters, I’m sure that’s a remarcable milestone right there. Gefeliciteerd for that dedication! It was an honour and a reguarding expirience having served with you!