Three Years and Six Months of Service (Christopher M. Cowles)

Sgt. J. Lee said:

What a contributor this individual is! From flying helicopters—armed and unarmed—to coordinating other players to contributing effective office work to having a non-combative attitude, T/5 Cowles can do it all! Within drills, T/5 Cowles is assuredly one of DP2S1’s most well-rounded players. With access to diverse equipment—rifles, SMGs, and helicopters—that allows him to provide maximum contributions; strong awareness of battlefield developments, names in the killfeed, nearby gunshots, and adjacent players; and solid gameplay fundamentals that ensure he remains alive to the end, T/5 Cowles is undoubtedly a significant factor in many DP2S1 victories.

Even from an office perspective, T/5 Cowles’ status as the workhorse is unchanged. As both recruiter and Supervisor of Enlistment Corps, T/5 Cowles endeavors to guarantee that not only are there incoming folks for Lighthouse to service but also that prospective members are correctly processed. Many a time, T/5 Cowles has reached out regarding a tardy process, ensuring that Lighthouse timelines are minimally impacted. Lighthouse Corps would certainly be less punctual and effective without T/5 Cowles. Congratulations on another six months, T/5 Cowles, and I hope you stay around for many more!


christopher c cowles