Three Years and Six Months of Service (Daniel F. Castellano)

Cpl. J. Murray said:

There’s an old adage that goes something along the lines of, " The only two guarantees in life are death and taxes." For the longest time, I was an adamant believer in that. And while I still think it rings relatively true I nominate that it be amended to the following: " The only three guarantees in life are death, taxes, & CASTLE." This man shows up week in and week out, doing everything in his power to make it to drills. To the extent that his being forced to catch an AWOL unexpectedly due to him being stuck overnight in an area with no cell reception caused Cpl. Voth and I to just assume he was hit by another damn bus. Castle, I hope you know you are loved and respected by each and every member of DP3S2. There are no praises I can sing that have not already been sung in your three and a half years with the unit. That said, all I’ll say is, Salud! I genuinely hope you enjoy your 7th AOCC and here’s to seven more!


Great to you have with us, congrats!

Weren’t you actually hit by a bus? Congrats though, you have been with DP3 since its creation and glad to see you’re still going strong