Three Years and Six Months of Service (Duy N. Nguyen)

Cpl. Jordan said:

Cpl. Nguyen has been with the squad for quite a bit now. Since he joined the ranks of S3, he has been a stellar leader and is largely responsible for where S3 is today, with great attendance and morale. Cpl. Nguyen is a great leader, (having experience for years from S2) and by extension, a great person to hang out with. When I joined, he was in DP2S2 and even then I noticed that he was an excellent example of a positive figure in the 29th and he continues to be to this day, around three years later. From playing games together to coordinating and motivating the squad, he is an excellent squad leader and I’m excited to see a whole three years and six months! Here’s to many more. Congratulations, Cpl. Nguyen!


We are all getting on a bit now

Congrats, you make us Nguyen’s Proud!

long time

Congratulations Cpl. Nguyen!