Three Years and Six Months of Service (Felix M. Stulle)

2Lt. Falenty said:

What would be a normal, run-of-the-mill for quite likely anyone, turns out to be quite a day for PFC Stulle over here. For not that long ago, yet another milestone has he reached and passed in his 29th career. As all of us know, the number 7 tends to be represented as a lucky number, so let’s hope that PFC Stulle’s future in Charlie, or anywhere that he finds himself carries the luck that number signifies. And while I’m speaking about Stulle passing three and a half years of service, it does add up to 7 Army of Occupation Medals.

Congratulations, PFC. Hope we get to make the same number 7 pun on your 7th year here!


Congrats Stulle!

Woo, congrats PFC.