Three Years and Six Months of Service (Jonathan O. Bukey)

Cpl. Roland said:

Sgt. Bukey is the epitome of an NCO in the 29th. When I first came in the unit he was but a little Corporal, but was already standing tall leading his squad. Sgt. Bukey has always had a calm, enduring demeanor which he uses very well to educate and train new members. As Squad Daddy for 3S1 he has led us repeatedly to glorious victory-and shown us many examples of what not to do; whether that be running himself over in a last ditch effort to get to the objective at the end of a round, or executing the friendly vehicle with extreme prejudice. Sgt. Bukey is a bedrock member of the 29th, and with the new addition to his family is even working to bolster its ranks with Recruit Bukey - his new daughter who often is right there with us in drills. Continue being a shining example to all of us here in the 29th, Sarge, and congrats on your 7th AoCC.