Three Years and Six Months of Service (Joshua D. Merrill)

Sgt. Garrett said:

I would say that many of you know who T/5 Merrill is, but the unfortunate reality is that most people only know his bullets. T/5 Merrill is great at not bringing attention to himself on the battlefield, unless he happens to full on rush an MG with only his pistol, so that makes him a great marksman (there’s even a checkmark for “rushing an MG with a pistol”, I checked!). Although not often seen, he himself sees all, and calls out things that others could only wish to have noticed, while being able to hit his targets with the slickest flicks this side of the Mississippi. Oh, and the other side too. From decimating enemy marksman with his last shot, to killing “enemy” tanks, T/5 Merrill is one member of FP1S3 that other squads fear to mention, lest they be caught in his crosshairs. Keep on pulling that trigger, T/5! Can’t wait to see you get your double rainbow!