Three Years and Six Months of Service (Matt Shields)

Cpl. Maestas said:

T/5 Shields has always been in my eyes a well rounded 29th member he has been here longer than some may imagine and has made his mark in the unit as one of the best Grenadiers. From the performance I have witnessed being on the other side of his grenade launcher sometimes blows me away, literally! T/5 Shields is unique in his own way and differentiates from the normal 29ther so to speak. His playstyle and skill are on more than a notable level. That being said today we are here to award T/5 Shields his seventh AoCC making this three years and six months of service! Congratulations T/5 hope to see that 4 years!


I’m glad to be following you around a bit more, Shields.

Congratulations T/5 Sheilds, That’s a long time! I hope I’ll be destroying more pub matches with you. :slight_smile:

So close to that double rainbow, stick around.