Three Years and Six Months of Service (Patrick H. Tilley)

Cpl. Nguyen said:

Cpl. Tilley here is already a true veteran of the 29th in my mind. With three years and six months under his belt, the man has seen a lot. I say it every time just because, with both of us starting in the same Training Platoon, we’ve been through everything together. He saw me through my SLT progress and I saw him through his. I saw him going from a very energized Private to an even more energized Corporal that has proven himself to be a great leader, overseeing our best period of DP2S2 yet ever since its creation. Working side by side with him for the past three years and counting is nothing short of crazy and amazing. It’s mind blowing how far we have come together and I hope the future will be even brighter. Congrats, old friend!


Congrats Cpl.!

Let’s go!