Three Years and Six Months of Service (Ramon Buuts)

Sgt. Kardell said:

Cpl. Buuts has a long history in the 29th. Having been a member of multiple companies, he brought a lot of experience with him, when he decided to become ASL of S2. Even after retiring last year, he was willing to return to his position when we expanded Easy Company, despite now having a tight work schedule. With that he takes a lot of weight off my shoulders, making it possible for me to slowly get used to a much smaller squad, since we basically have to re-learn balancing of squad drills. We all are grateful for his comeback, and can now fully concentrate on constantly refining our playstyle. Congrats on your 7th AOCC!

Ah Cpl. Buuts. Good to see you back and not backing down from leadership! Congratulations my friend!!