Three Years and Six Months of Service (Sasha Greeves)

Sgt. Zylath said:

There are very few members of Dog still kicking from the Able days. However, DP3S1 is host to three of them, and it just so happens that the youngest among them is nearing a double rainbow. This is NOT a double rainbow, mind you, but it is an excellent time to reflect on that experience of having T/5 Greeves around for nearly four years. Here is one of the men who has nearly seen it all in Dog Company. The rise, the slight decline, and the recent rise again. He’s been here for DP3S1 through (most of) it, and during that time has been a keystone for the squad. Lately, he’s been working diligently on some new graphics for the squad, platoon, and even company (if you ask nicely)! Always a pleasure to have around and a reliable shoulder to lean on, T/5 Greeves is only six months away from the veritable double rainbow! Keep pushing and earn those stripes.


Congratulations T/5 Greeves!

Nicest guy in the unit confirmed