Three Years of Service (Andrew C. Bat)

Cpl. Voth said:

T/5 Bat is a man who requires no introduction to the members Dog Company. He’s well known and feared throughout the Company as a sharp eyed marksman, a man who works well alone but can excel on his own, and one of the finest flankers a squad leader could hope for. To us in DP3S2, he’s our eyes and ears, ever on the prowl and keeping tabs on the enemy as well as a solid source of advice and direction. While most of the Company know him as DP3’s senior sniper, I recall the time three years ago when we were both fresh privates in DP3S2 under a then Cpl. Deb’s command. Even then, I could tell T/5 Bat was someone special who would go far in the 29th. It’s been a long road from then to now, congratulations on your 6th AOCC and I look forward to the next six you earn!