Three Years of Service (Andrs Hesse)

Cpl. Capwell said:

Ya’know sometimes I really do feel like a broken record. Every six months I sit down and I write a quote for PFC Hesse and I think “Well he’s been doing Hesse things of course”. By which I mean being his usual self, brightening up our Teamspeak with his unique brand of humor and pure joy at playing RS2 with his friends. All the while making it rain grenades on those who would oppose him. Top it off with him putting forth so much effort and dedication to being here with us every week, regardless of what’s going on in the outside world. To the point where he even got himself a Good Conduct Medal for all his efforts, and there you have it! “Hesse things”. And I call it that because none of this is news to anyone. Hesse has been this way since I got to this squad almost three years ago now and we hope he never changes. So congratulations PFC Hesse, on another six months of kicking ass and taking names the way only you know how, and your 6th AOCC to commemorate it!