Three Years of Service (Aristidi L. Deb)

SSgt. Wimpfheimer said:

DP2 has been fortunate to be lead by exceptional officers. 2Lt. Deb continues this standard since he took over, and has influenced and shaped the platoon’s culture and tactics. DP2 is a great place to be, and that is in no small part on 2Lt. You will be hard pressed to find one more dedicated and motivated to not only maintaining excellence, but finding ways to improve his platoon every day. It is my great pleasure to recognize 2Lt. Deb for his time spent with us in the 29th. For three years of service we are seeing him awarded his 6th AOCC. Congratulations, 2Lt. and thank you for your ongoing effort into making DP2 as great as can be!


Congratulations 2Lt. Deb, here’s to many more!

Congrats, I still remember when you were a PFC teaching my training platoon!

Well done 2Lt, we are all grateful for the graft you put in!

Congrats, 2Lt!

Congratulations Sir!