Three Years of Service (Christopher M. Cowles)

Sgt. J. Lee said:

Living up to the expectations of his tenure within the 29th, T/5 Cowles has recently taken a more active role within the squad. One will frequently, to the tune of basically each round, hear T/5 Cowles issuing low-level orders and providing feedback to the newer members. During drills, T/5 Cowles is an impactful player, contributing to success through both his execution and facilitation of instructions.

However, his accomplishments outside of drills may soon begin to outshine all else. At the time of writing this quote, T/5 Cowles has been accredited 33 recruits in six months, exceeding his previous performance of 32 recruits over the same time period. This places him at 214 recruits, just three shy of achieving the #1 position of all time. As requirements for recruitment credit have become more stringent, this feat is all the more impressive. Congratulations, T/5 Cowles, for reaching three birthdays in the 29th and for your upcoming ascension to being the top recruiter in 29th history!


Congrats Pogchamp!

He’s got rizz with the pubbers

Congratulations T/5 Cowles!

Congratulations T/5 Cowles, very cool!
To another 3 years of mispronouncing your name :wink: