Three Years of Service (Jack Winston)

Sgt. J. Lee said:

Fulfilling the ASL position for close to two years now, Cpl. Winston is an integral part of DP2S1. The squad is all the better for his contributions in-game and as a leader. An excellent front-line rifleman, Cpl. Winston ensures constant progress towards the victory conditions by facilitating clear comms. Outside of drills, Cpl. Winston’s amicability and strong ability to roll with deprecating humor helps maintain the friendly culture within the TS channels. Representing DP2S1, his incessant guesting helps maintain active connections to other squads. Due to his nonstop investment into the unit, Cpl. Winston keeps DP2S1 effective, happy, and renowned. Congratulations on three years, Cpl. Winston!

Congratulations Cpl. It’s great working along side you in lighthouse!

is southern, congrats


Keep up the great work, Winston.

Congratulations, Cpl!