Three Years of Service (Joshua Williams)

Cpl. J. Lee said:

DP2S1 is truly fortunate to count an individual as jovial and consistent as PFC Williams among its ranks. While PFC Williams is not the 29th-oldest within DP2S1, he is the one that has spent the most amount of time in DP2S1. Many times, DP2S1 has benefitted from his superior CE ability and independence. Whenever appropriate, one will find him already jutting his M79 into the air, already locked onto the enemy’s positions at LIVE LIVE LIVE. PFC Williams frequently repositions throughout the map, ensuring a minimum of downtime between a Z-mark and an explosive response. Addressing a callout, while other CEs may shout “I can’t hit that mark”, PFC Williams has already raised an excellent counterpart in the form of a shaped charge warhead travelling at slightly below three hundred meters per second. Congratulations on hitting three years in the unit, and I’m looking forward to seeing more!!!