Three Years of Service (Juan I. De Oliveira)

PFC Mud said:

When we began our 3S4 game nights a few months ago, there have been a few regulars who always seem to have time to come and hangout to play some games. PFC Oliveira is one of those and it is a joy to have him there thanks to all the laughs he gives us. Even when it gets competitive, he always maintains an optimistic look that lifts the spirits of the squad. Now, when it comes to RS2 gameplay he is one of our sharpest shots. Hand him a rifle, or an mg and he will get kills, stay alive, and bring terror to the other team. We in 3S4 are lucky to have him, and I can say confidently that the whole squad feels the same. Congratulations on your 6th AOCC, my friend! I hope to see you get many more!