Three Years of Service (Mathieu C. Tremblay)

TSgt Newton said:

I have had the good fortune of watching 2Lt. Tremblay throughout his tenure here in the 29th. Despite doing his AIT as an AR he developed into quite the CE during his tenure in leadership. Both in squad and platoon leadership he got with the FP1 tradition and found his groove as both a combat leader and a sapper. It has been a joy to have 2Lt. Tremblay in HQ with me both from an administrative point of view and for his kaboom platoon strats. He is a genuine bonus to the platoon and he has been one of its most long standing and influential members. So much so that he’s been doing it for 3 years now and has earned his 6th AoCC. Congratulations 2Lt and I look forward to another year for your double rainbow.


Congratulations 2Lt.

Keep it rocking in FP1, 2Lt. Ever forward!