Three Years of Service (Robert L. Frank)

Cpl. Capwell said:

T/5 Frank finds himself in a very interesting position on his three-year anniversary with the 29th. He’s been hard at work these past few months wrapping up his SLT training and then immediately being thrown back on the grindstone preparing to take the mantle of Assitant Squad Leader for DP3S1. And over the past year or so, I have watched PFC Frank, a normal PFC with an interest in leadership, turn into T/5 Frank. T/5 Frank has the same voice as PFC Frank, he cracks the same jokes, but there is a new maturity and confidence there that sprung up, almost out of nowhere. He has spent hours on end leading teams and getting feedback from Sergeant Zylath and I, honing his edge and pushing himself to be the best leader he can be. I’m not sure if it happened all at once or just snuck up on me, but he has become more than just my friend and squadmate. He’s become a damn good leader that I’m excited to have become my partner in crime and carry the torch of DP3S1 forward. Yes indeed, this will likely be the last quote I write for Frank, because he’s gotta come up here and help write the quotes now! Who would have thought that Pvt.’s Frank and Capwell would someday be running the show? I could wax poetic all day here but you and I have work to do. Congrats on another six months in the unit, bringing you to six AOCC’s and a very busy three-year anniversary T/5 Frank!