Three Years of Service (Sam J. Dixson)

Sgt. Hanley said:

PFC Dixson has been a well known name throughout the 29th ID for quite some time now. PFC Dixson’s time served has gained him several different reputations, such as being a great member of the squad in terms of personality and increasing morale, making squad members laugh and always showing everyone a good time. PFC Dixon’s dedication to the Light AIT for several years also gained him the reputation as one of the best submachine gunners in Dog Company, being known to clutch 3 vs 1 scenarios or more by himself. PFC Dixson has also now joined SLT, combining his great personality, in-game combat skills, and experience to become the ASL of DP3S3, and going through leadership training. If this much has been accomplished throughout PFC Dixon’s career thus far, one can only imagine how much more they will accomplish in the future. Congratulations PFC Dixson on your Sixth AOCC.

Good man Dixson! Push for that double rainbow!