Three Years of Service (Sean P. Quiles)

SSgt. Gibson said:

There is little to say about 2Lt. Quiles and his time in the unit that hasn’t already been said. His dedication to the unit and skill in leadership has been a true asset to EP3 and I am very happy to be in platoon HQ with him. While he certainly is humble and may never believe it, he is among the best leaders that I have seen in the unit. The example he has set for so many to follow will have an impact that lasts well beyond his time here. Speaking of which has only been 3 years! I find that absolutely impossible to believe. Anyway its time for his sixth Army of Occupation Medal. Congrats 2Lt!

Thank you for the time you’ve spent with us so far 2Lt. We all hope to see you for many more to come! Congratulations.

I think 2Lt. Quiles is a pretty cool guy, eh kills entire squads by himself and doesnt afraid of anything! Congrats 2Lt!

Congratulations 2nd Lieutenant on Three Years!

He helps me with my homework