Twelve Years of Service (Jon C. Erb)

Sgt. Dott said:

T/4 Erb is an institution. He is but the one constant in the 29th. When we all joined, T/4 Erb was here. When we all leave, he will be there. T/4 Erb will be there when humans land on Mars. He will be there when the Sun swallows the Earth. The collapse of the Milky Way? T/4 Erb. Time and matter ceasing to exist as we know it? T/4 Erb will be there, and I’m sure all he’ll do is yell at the universe for “taking too damn long.”

Congratulations, T/4, on 12 years in the 29th, your 24th AOCC, and your 6th WW1 Victory Medal!


Congratulations, T/4!
It’s an honor to be with you here.