Two Years and Six Months (Juan I. De Oliveira)

Sgt. Dawdy said:

PFC De Oliveira has been a sleepy guy recently, with graduation quickly approaching he has buckled down on his studies in order to facilitate enough time for the 29th despite the exertion that accompanies such a task. Despite all this, he has continued to perform exceptionally with his rifle and have a cheerful attitude during drills. One funny occurrence recently was when PFC Oliveira, due to taking a nap, was rushing to make it to drill on time. Through his lapse in momentary judgement as he just woke up, he typed “*Salute+”, while he quickly corrected his mistakes we all appreciated the good laugh and memory that our friendly Argentinian contributed. Thank you PFC De Oliveira for making our time in the 29th so memorable, I hope to continue making great memories with you! Congrats on your 5th AOCC and as always “Stick Around ” - Alan “Dutch” Schaefer.