Two Years and Six Months of Service (Alex W. Zylath)

Cpl. Wallison said:

I’m writing this award at the beginning of our 2022 year after coming off of the winter break. Sgt. Zylath has the great pleasure of another year to mold an already fantastic squad into a masterful creation inspired by his own grand design. The year prior was a grand time full of distinguished achievements as well as food for thought going into our next chapter. Sgt. Zylath right off the bat built a plan for the overall year, including both the squad as a whole and the individual members. When he filled me in on the things yet to come, it leaves little to wonder how the squad advansed to such a well rounded team. After 2½ years of diligent service, you’ve accomplished so much and what seems like such a small amount of time to me. It’s always looking to be that the sky’s the limit for DP3S1 with you at the reins. Everyone is looking forward to another tour of fun times and memories with you as the wind at their backs. Congratulations on your 5th AOCC Sgt. Zylath.

Congratulations Sgt. Zylath!

Congrats TP Buddy!

Congratulations Sgt.!