Two Years and Six Months of Service (Christopher M. Cowles)

Sgt. J. Lee said:

In the half-year since his previous award, T/5 Cowles continues to excel. With his consistent presence in TS and all 29th matters, T/5 Cowles sets the model that veteran members should strive to reach. Within the context of drills, T/5 Cowles is a standout player, one that contributes in countless ways: he effortlessly maintains a task-focused mentality that keeps the win conditions in focus; he facilitates the knowledge transfer in callouts, with plentiful of his own; and he never shies from adopting the most appropriate role to contribute towards victory. Outside of drills, T/5 Cowles has also progressed significantly, with a well-deserved Lighthouse position as the Supervisor of Enlistment Corps and 32 credited recruits since his previous award. While many others have regressed in their respective supervisory office roles, T/5 Cowles earnestly continues an active role in all matters Lighthouse, from the recruit’s enlistment process through the recruit’s graduation. With his guesting, office work, and recruiting efforts, T/5 Cowles has reached an astounding level of contribution within the 29th, providing investment and effort that grow day by day. I am fortunate to have this individual in my squad, and I am fortunate to have supported his development in the 29th. Congratulations on 2.5 years, T/5 Cowles!


Congrats Cowles, few can match your dedication!

Congratulations, good to have you with us!

Congratulations, T/5. Thank you for all those recruits!

Wait you are still here? Damn it.

Congratulations T/5, it’s erm, absolutely wonderful having you around? o7