Two Years and Six Months of Service (Duje S. Zikov)

Cpl. Fossi said:

The man, the Legend. PFC Zikov is longer in S3 than me, actually it is 2 weeks longer. In this time he has always been a pleasure to be around, he is always there to crack a good joke or two and so on and so forth. In his time here he took up the MG, and in the whole company he is probably the only one who is enjoying and also mastering the M1919. Another very cool thing was when he decided to bless our ears with his beautiful voice, and it only took him like 2 years for it. Now another 6 months passed by and Zikov keeps up with it, so it is just fair to award him his 5th AoCC. Congratulations PFC Zikov, keep them coming!

Congratulations PFC Zikov!