Two Years and Six Months of Service (Eric Heß)

Sgt. Kal said:

PFC Heß has been a core member of squad three for a long time now. During this time he has shown us to be deadly with a rifle and even deadlier with his rocket launcher. If he wakes up in time for drills that is… Today marks the day that we have been able to put up with PFC Heß for two and a half years. So congratulations to us. Oh and congratulations PFC Heß on your 5th Army Occupation Medal! Keep it up.


Nice! Congrats HeBB.

Congratulations PFC! Good to have you with us!

Wake up Heb, time for congrats!

Congrats Heß! Keep it up

Let’s hope we’ll get a lot more of these for you, dear friend! Gratz!