Two Years and Six Months of Service (Ethan R. Kon)

Cpl. Hamilton said:

Most of us probably recognize T/5 Kon by the name he made for himself as one of the snipers in Easy company. For us in EP3S3, we recognize him by the sighs he makes every time he enters our TS channel. Jokes aside, Kon has been with this squad since he passed BCT and the contributions his presence bring can’t be overstated. His knowledge of in-game mechanics and tactics has been invaluable in numerous situations. He’s also recently stepped down from his sniper role to start down a new path as my ASL where I have high hopes for him. He has only been here for 2 and a half years now, but T/5 Kon has been keeping himself busy and genuinely makes those around him better. Congratulations on your 5th AoCC Kon, keep it up!

Congratulations on your AoCC T/5!