Two Years and Six Months of Service (James I. Wright)

Sgt. Van Dongen said:

Sgt. J. Wright has been in the unit for just a little 2,5 years but during that small amount of time has done a lot of work. He has been DI for a long time, and long that has been doing multiple other jobs as well. He has been leading a squad effictively, even from the very start, and has shown not only to grow himself but also the ability to have others grow. I am glad to have him with me in Plt Hq. and have full confidence in the future. Congrats on your AOCC!

Congratulation Sgt! May we see many more years!

Ever since I’ve joined you’ve been with me and getting me through everything I need help with which I can’t be grateful enough. It’s a pleasure to have you here Sgt. Congratulations!


Dakota will be proud