Two Years and Six Months of Service (Kwinten Meerts)

2Lt. Griffin said:

Cpl. Meerts has flourished and blossomed in to one of the iconic members of DP1, he seems to not enjoy sleeping as he can be found guesting pretty much every drill we hold here in Dog Company on any given week He leads, builds and take care of his squad, doing his best to give them all the tools he can to improve and raise their game, and there seems to be no slowing him down.
He’s achieved all of this growth and maturity in a pretty short space of time, we’ll now be awarding him his 5th AOCC, so congratulations Cpl, I look forward to seeing how far you can go.

you’re a machine, congrats!

glad to have you around Meerts

Congrats Cpl. Meerts!

Congratulations my friend!

A literal workhorse, congrats!