Two Years and Six Months of Service (Michael Abramovich)

Cpl. Taylor Said:

T/5 Abramovich is one of those guys who isn’t satisfied with being a simple soldier in the 29th. He takes extra time out of his week to be our platoon clerk, as well as being a part of Adjutant Corps and Finance Corps. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t just play as a CE, but lives for it. Between his excellent CE skills and cracking the whip to make sure my paperwork is in line, I couldn’t ask for a better squad mate. And who could forget his trademarked monkey personality that always brings some added humor to our squad. Congratulations T/5 Abramovich on making it two and a half years in this unit and I look forward to many more with you, even if I can’t be your squad leader forever.


Whoop whoop!! Congrats T/5