Two Years and Six Months of Service (Nathan W. Wells)

Cpl. Nielsen said:

Six months ago PFC Wells was called in front of the Platoon and we reminisced about his first two years with the unit - triumphs of battles won, undying dedication to the unit, and an uncanny desire to always push the limits for good and otherwise. Since then, Wells has continued in this fashion; contributing to the scrim victory, collecting a second Purple Heart in the process, AND adding a SMG Marksman Badge to his file. On top of that, he has been a dedicated member of the Platoon and has recently stepped into the role of Platoon Sniper. However, this is just another pit stop on the road ahead with the unit - congratulations PFC on your 5th AOCC! We wish you many more!


The road to boomer!

I believe it’s important to have unrealistic goals you somehow achieve. Therefore allow me to declare the following. Next stop, Company HQ?

Congrats… old man?