Two Years and Six Months of Service (Phil C. Jonesy)

Sgt. Greene said:

Whether its his lame jokes or hot takes, PFC Jonesy has been a great constant to S1. Now that he has established himself as a cornerstone of S1 he has began to dabble in the role of Leadership. It has been a long road since he first showed interest in the role. His persistence and stubbornness to improve himself has shown and is beginning to pay dividends. Even with this it still doesn’t take away from his skills as a Grenadier. It has been a great pleasure to have passed the torch of GL in a sense and watch him work his magic. Having seen him take down objectives from a distance and find new ways to incorporate his AIT into squad tactics. I will always see him as a great asset to the unit. So congratulations PFC Jonesy on making it this far into your tenure with the 29th! As well as earning your 5th AoCC, keep up the great work PFC!