Two Years and Six Months of Service (Rob R. Moran)

Cpl. Quartz said:

I’ve known T/5 Moran since I first joined; he’s part of the list of people who I was with in 2S2 and 2S1, and as always it’s a pleasure to be back with him. He’s a cool guy and I remember him from ‘the old days’ quite fondly. When he left S2 it was to be put in leadership for S1, a path I eventually followed. Now I’m in his old position, and I know that means I have big shoes to fill – not that I didn’t already. T/5 Moran is a cool guy who knows what he’s doing when it comes to the 29th (and a lot of other things, too, I’m sure) and it’s nice to have him back. All that said, it should surprise nobody that it’s my distinct pleasure to award him his 5th AoCC! Looking at more to come!