Two Years and Six Months of Service (Sean P. Mortem)

Cpl. Addante said:

Oh boy do I have a lot to say about this man. First meeting Sgt. Mortem back in EBOTS 2019 when he was just a little ole PFC, now being with him after all this time he has grown into such a profound example of what a 29th member is all about. A superb tactician who never fails to find the cheekiest ways to win a round, a deadly automatic rifleman that anyone is afraid to stare down his barrel, and overall a great leader in EP3S1 sighing along in disappointment to the lovely degenerates within the squad. After becoming the ASL of EP3S1 I always felt we have worked well together under the many unfortunate circumstances that have came our way as leaders, and with only 2 and a half years down I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next to come. Congrats Sgt. Mortem!