Two Years of Service (Adam Helfer)

Sgt. Leliveld said:

PFC Helfer has been a great influence on our squad, he’s always there to keep us grounded and lighten the mood. He’s also incredibly good at his AIT. Helfer has always been good at crewmen but recently has really hit his stride and he is also helping many others improve at the AIT. He’s very enjoyable to have in the squad and very relaxing to have in a vehicle, knowing he’ll carry us with his autocannons. As a teacher Helfer is always able to be the voice of reason and has helped keep spirits up. I really hope he understands how much we appreciate him and how much we hope he stays with us a bit more, congrats on your fourth AoCC and first WW1 Victory Medal!.


Congrats Helfer, appreciate all the efforts you put into the 29th and our squad.